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Our Story

     It started with an idea and a mostly dangerous, 35-year-old, single-serving caramel popcorn maker. Patrick, a tax accountant, was tired of the IRS, and was looking for something more interesting to do in a place that wasn't Northern Virginia. He found his old caramel popcorn machine and started popping. Friends loved the crisp and creamy popcorn, and said it was good enough to sell. Colette loves the beach - and the popcorn Patrick made. After they bought a house in Myrtle Beach, they started thinking about ways to get to the Grand Strand permanently. They tried to find good popcorn at the beach and couldn't. So, voila! Colette's Popcorn was born. Patrick moved down full time and opened the store in the spring of 2013. Colette switched careers again in June 2014, retiring from teaching to become a full-time popcorn princess.


-Patrick & Colette

     At our store in Barefoot Landing on the Waterway, we use all-natural ingredients for our caramel, cook it in small batches, and carefully check for richness of flavor and crispness. We prepare our kettle popcorn in a cooker to ensure the perfect mix of sweet and salty. We coat our cheese flavors with real cheese and tumble them slowly, using delicate butterfly popcorn and a slow drizzle to guarantee their cheesy goodness.


     If you are in the Myrtle Beach area, pop in -- we'd love to see you. 


     Popcorn: It's not just for the movies anymore.

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