We're back

We are back and eager to see everyone as soon as possible.


Can't get to Barefoot Landing? Order here or call 843.273.4202


Take care of yourselves, your family, your friends, and your community - and pop in to see us when you can!​

Flavors we offer online

Prices start at $13

(Our in-store flavors vary.)

​Sweet flavors

  • caramel

  • caramel/yellow cheddar blend

  • kettle

  • chocolate drizzled caramel

  • cinnamon caramel

  • sugarcookie

  • snickerdoodle

Savory flavors

  • white cheddar

  • yellow cheddar

  • spicy buffalo cheddar

  • jalapeno white cheddar

  • movie theater

If you have been to our store, and don't see your favorite flavor listed,  call for a custom order 843.273.4202

S.O.S. - Save on shipping

We know shipping is expensive, but one way to save is to ship larger orders to a business address. We can sometimes ship for as little as $2 per jumbo bucket when you (or you and your friends together) ship to a workplace. 


  • We can ship 5 jumbo buckets to a business for about $20.

  • We can ship 10 jumbo buckets to a business for about $25.

  • We can ship 18 jumbo buckets to a business for about $30.

Hours, etc.

at Barefoot Landing

OPEN Daily
10-8 Sun-Thu
10-9 Fri-Sat

Order online 
call us at 843.273.4202
and leave a message.

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